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Rogerscorp is seeking to build 57 three-storey townhouses for Fable.

A renowned developer has big plans for the former Woolworth distribution centre in Everton Park, which involves transforming it into a boutique collection of luxury residences.

Rogerscorp is seeking to build 57 three-storey townhouses for ‘Fable,’ a master planned community located at 31-49 Woolworths Street.

The proposed development offers an alternative to that approved as part of Stages 2 – 5 of a previous development approval (A005487742).

The subject site is a vacant lot previously used as a Woolworth distribution centre. Adjoining the site to the north is the recently constructed Woolworth Everton Park shopping centre.

Plans include 129 parking spaces made up of two resident parking spaces per dwelling and 15 visitor spaces in communal areas.

Designed by Z Architects, Fable features a plaza area and a 405sqm of communal open space which provides a range of recreational facilities including dining area, BBQ area, pool and lawn area.

With regard to its urban design, planning documents state that the townhouses take a number of traditional ‘Queenslander’ design cues including the use of lightweight cladding and positioning of balconies towards the street.

“The proposed townhouses are well articulated, presenting an attractive and interesting built form through the inclusion of varied setbacks, roof forms, heights and materials as well as extensive landscaping around the building,” planners at Urban Strategies said.

Rogerscorp is the same developer behind several residential projects in Queensland, such as Monarc Health and Childcare in Everton Park, Stafford Services Hub, and the Springwood Health Hub.

Fable is expected to be complete by the first quarter of 2023.


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