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01. Design

The design stage is where vision takes shape. We work closely with some of the best architectural and design firms to ensure innovative and sustainable solutions are tailored to each project's unique needs.


02. Develop

Our development process is guided by a strategic, in-house team that expertly navigates market trends and stakeholder needs. Partnering with leading professionals, we ensure that every project is optimally positioned for success.

03. Construct

With a dedicated in-house construction team, Rogerscorp ensures excellence and precision in every project. Partnering closely with Armada Built, our trusted construction partner renowned for its top-tier craftsmanship, we deliver high-quality developments punctually. This partnership reflects our commitment to superior construction, underpinned by long-term relationships and shared family values.

04. Maintain

At Rogerscorp, our commitment extends far beyond construction. With a dedicated after-sales team, we ensure a seamless transition into your new home or investment by offering ongoing support and managing queries. We diligently handle defects, uphold statutory warranties, and appoint appropriate caretakers to maintain the quality and value of every project well into the future.


Our journey began over a decade ago, driven by a clear vision: to redefine urban living. We are more than developers; we are artisans of place and experience.

Our dedication has transformed urban landscapes into vibrant communities—places not merely to live and work, but to thrive. Committed to sustainability and innovation, we craft environments that elevate living standards, redefining what it means to live well and flourish.

Simon Rogers


Managing Director, Simon Rogers steers the overall direction of the business. With a career spanning more than 15 years, Simon has a broad experience in construction, engineering and development across many of Australias largest projects. Prior to founding Rogerscorp in 2014, he co-founded and still remains as a Director of Perigon, Electrical Engineers and Contractors, with more than 150 staff located in Brisbane, Sydney and Canberra.

Denise Rogers

Finance Manager

Denise's finance career began in Brazil, where she completed her Bachelor of Finance degree. Following her move to Australia, Denise worked with a major civil construction company performing a wide array of financial responsibilities. She has since worked across several civil construction companies in various financial management roles. As the Finance Manger at Rogerscorp, Denise oversees all financial operations for the business, including group cashflow forecasting, company tax and statutory statements and the preparation of timely and accurate reporting.

Oswald Blacker

Senior Development Manager

Oswald began his career in commercial construction for a high profile and large scale construction company before transitioning into development management. Over the past eight years, in his role with Shayher Group, he helped to deliver an impressive portfolio of properties throughout Australia. One of Oswald’s most significant projects was the Brisbane Quarter including three of the newest high rises in Brisbane’s CBD; W Hotel, 300 George and The One Residences. With extensive experience in the residential, commercial and hotel asset classes, Oswald oversees the delivery of our commercial projects.

Ben Rogers

Development Manager

Ben began his career as an account manager for a global HVAC company, before transitioning into development management. Over the past couple of years he’s helped deliver an impressive portfolio of properties throughout Brisbane. With extensive experience in the residential, health and childcare asset classes, Ben oversees the delivery of our projects. At Rogerscorp, Ben utilises his broad expertise to take a hands-on approach to his projects, from acquisition to handover, working closely with all project partners to achieve the best possible design and quality outcomes for every development.


Meet the visionary leaders at Rogerscorp, a dynamic team of experts whose strategic foresight and industry expertise drive our commitment to redefining urban living and delivering exceptional results.


Founded in 2014, Rogerscorp is a privately owned real estate development and investment company.

Rogerscorp boasts a diverse portfolio spanning commercial, healthcare, retail, childcare, and residential projects. Our success is underpinned by robust expertise in design, construction, and delivery, thriving on our ability to swiftly adapt to market demands and consistently deliver high-quality, appealing developments.


We collaborate exclusively with Brisbane's top architects, designers, builders, and contractors to craft coveted developments in prime locations. Our agility in responding to evolving market trends minimises development risks and underscores our commitment to excellence.


Together, Rogerscorp and Armada Built construct a legacy of exceptional results in every project.

At Rogerscorp, our partnership with Armada Built solidifies our dedication to delivering exceptional projects. By uniting two families with a rich history and shared values of integrity, culture, fairness, and quality, we bring all construction efforts in-house.


This vertically integrated model ensures the highest standards and complete control over every project, providing our buyers with unmatched certainty and peace of mind. Together, we create value, foster trust, and inspire pride in every endeavour, embodying the ethos of one team, one dream.


We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint through sustainable practices in every project we undertake. By incorporating eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient designs, we strive to enhance community liveability while actively minimising our impact on the environment.

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