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Everton Park

Rogerscorp - Nest Bracken Ridge
RogersCorp - Nest 21.jpg


Creating Lifestyles.

Executing our designs with pure luxury and practicality in mind. Our projects are not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye but inspired by the modern world and the way we live. Ensuring quality and detail are never compromised, we produce designs that are fresh, clever and creative. We nurture our world to create limitless ways of a lifestyle that at the same time care for and reduce our environmental foot print. This is the lifestyle you deserve. 

We're redefining the way of living by executing high end developments in growing areas. We’re not just thinking about the artistic property we’ll build but the community of people who will one day call it home. And by listening to those that we are designing for we can truly understand what really matters, and deliver it without compromise. 



Creating Award Winning Commercial Assets

We strive to create high quality, forward-thinking commercial projects in prime locations.  We collaborate with our tenants to ensure the buildings we create assist them to thrive by setting new standards of customer satisfaction.  With a diverse asset range reaching across multiple sectors, Rogerscorp support and collaborate with tenants in the Health, Childcare, Commercial & Retail sectors.


RC - Fable Residences - External Renders -  5.jpg

Fable Everton Park


220050_Paxton St_Wide Render_210201.jpg

Springwood Health Hub


Rogerscorp - Monarc Everton Park

Residential Collection

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Commercial Collection

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